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Date & time Oct 14
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Soft condensed matter physics research students

Catherine Carnovale (PhD submitted) Investigation of shape and size effects on the efficacy and toxicity of nanoparticles (with Associate Professor Vipul Bansal and Dr Ravi Shukla)

Taavi Hunt (PhD) Cryopreservation of recalcitrant plant species for use in mining restoration (with Professor Ricardo Mancera, Curtin and Dr Chris Garvey, ANSTO).

Uzma Malik (Masters) Interactions of phospholipid membranes with DMSO and Isoprene. (with Dr Chris Garvey, ANSTO).

Reece Nixon Luke (PhD) Differential Dynamic Microscopy and Dynamic Light Scattering studies of Bacterial Motility (with Dr Vincent Martinez, University van cleef alhambra diamond earrings imitation of Edinburgh).

Stephen Hannam (PhD) Investigation of crystallization inhibitors through molecular dynamics simulation (with Senior Supervisor Professor Peter Daivis)Dr Ben Kent 2011 Effect of sugars of the lamellar inverse hexagonal phase transition in biological membranes (with Dr Chris Garvey, ANSTO). Now at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin fr Materialien und Energie, Potsdam, Germany.

Dr Vincent Martinez 2009 Slow dynamics and ageing behaviour in colloidal suspensions near the glass transition (with Emeritus Professor William van Megen). Now at the School of Physics, University of Edinburgh.

Dr Thomas Lenn 2008 The effects of Solutes on the phase transitions of phospholipid membranes (with Professor Karen Koster, University of South Dakota, USA and Dr Chris Garvey, ANSTO). Now at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

Dr Olivier Marnette van cleef & arpels earrings imitation 2007 Phase transitions in polydisperse two dimensional hard sphere colloids (at the Laboratoire de physique statistique, Ecole Normale Suprieure, Paris, France, with Dr Eric Perez). Now with the French Ministry of Education in French Guyana.

Dr Terry O'Bree 2007 An investigation of the Volume Scattering Functions of Australian natural waters for remote sensing purposes (with Arnold Dekker, CSIRO Land and Water). Now at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

Dr Stephen Martin 2002 Crystallisation of Polydisperse Hard Sphere Colloidal Systems (with Emeritus Professor William van Megen). Now at the Australian Synchrotron.

Dr Tim Mortensen 2002 Glass Transition Dynamics in Hard Sphere Suspensions (with Emeritus Professor William van Megen). Now at Infosys.

Dr Stephen Williams 2001 The Effect of van cleef pearl earrings imitation Polydispersity on the Hard Sphere Glass Transition (Emeritus Professor William van Megen and Professor Ian Snook). Now at the Australian National University.

Dr Suparno 2000 (at the University of South Australia with Professor John Thomas)? Charging Behaviour in a non polar colloidal system. Now at the University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Dr Stuart Henderson 1999 Crystallisation From The Melt, a study of Polydisperse Hard Sphere Colloids. Now at the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

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