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Royal Mail van crash destroys home in Hampshire

A 61 year old homeowner revealed today how oversleeping by 10 minutes saved his life after a Royal Mail lorry smashed into his

Len Wiles, of Gosport, Hampshire, said he usually goes downstairs at 5.45am and switches on the TV but he did not get out of bed at the normal time yesterday after having a bad night's sleep.

The former aircraft company worker and his wife Anne, 66, had to be rescued from the upper floor of their 160,000 home after the 7.5 tonne lorry crashed into the property at 5.47am yesterday.

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Accident: It is thought the driver of the Royal Mail lorry lost control of his vehicle and smashed into three parked cars before crashing through a small brick wall (both pictured right) and ploughing into the building

Mr Wiles told the Daily Mirror: 'I usually van cleef perlee clover bracelet imitation go down at 5.45am and switch on the TV. But I had a bad night's sleep. If I had gone down like normal, I'd be dead.'

A fireman asked the couple if they were 'expecting a parcel' when he arrived to rescue them.

It is thought the driver of the Royal Mail lorry lost control of his vehicle and smashed into three parked cars before crashing through a brick van cleef & arpels sweet alhambra bracelet knock off wall and ploughing into the building.

A Royal Mail lorry caused serious damage to the outside and inside of the house, meaning a vast reconstruction effort to the Hampshire home

'I'm hoping our buyer can hang on until the house is repaired it's a beautiful house,' Mr Wiles said.

The driver of the lorry was checked

over by paramedics at the scene, but was not thought to have been

seriously injured in the impact.

Mrs Wiles said: 'We were fast asleep

in bed when suddenly we heard a great big explosion and a crash. We

thought there had been an accident outside on the road.

'I put on my pyjamas and rolled out of bed and saw a giant Royal Mail red lorry inside my next door neighbour's

'Our front door has been damaged as well as our gas pipe, because Len's car was pushed into our house,' she added. 'But the main thing is Les and Anne are

fine it's a miracle.

'He is retired and even said to me he woke up 10

minutes later than he normally did. If he had woken up then, he would

have been in the front room and would have been in trouble.'Dugan said she noticed the male Royal Mail delivery driver, who she

thought was in his 50s, appeared 'dazed and shocked' after the crash.

Worry: Mr and Mrs Wiles, who had recently agreed to sell the property after moving in when it was built last October, were left fake van cleef black bracelet shocked but uninjured. They are now hoping the buyer will not pull out.

'[He] said he had no idea what happened. He was wearing a full uniform including his full high vis yellow coat, with the Royal Mail logo,' she added.

'I looked out of my window and saw Len upstairs, he was shocked, he looked scared,' Ms Dugan said. 'He shouted that he was okay and even said, "We've only just sold the house what are we going to do?".'.

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